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Dominique Torrente 2009 | Textile contemporary artists 2008

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Contemporary art : Dominique Torrente

The beggarwomen’ lace and  Guipure (La gueuse dans la guipure)
From April 26th to August 30th 2009, 14:00 hours to 18:00 hours (14 :00 to 19 :00 in July and August)

Back to contemporary Art with Dominique Torrente, artist from Saint-Etienne with a growing notoriety. She was a guest of Yves Sabourin within the international exhibition “Metissages” thanks to her playful textile creations.

Dominique Torrente presents her work in the museum :

“The beggarwomen’ lace and Guipure” pictureWithin the colletion of the Lace Manufactures’ Museum.

The beggarwomen’ lace and  Guipure”..., it is about weaving links between lace and script, between know-how and know-how- to-be, between the way to do things and the way to say things, between today and yesterday... having hangings inside the space of the Lace Manufactures’ Museum collection is the opportunity to put forward three specific dimensions of this traditional know-how.

Digital picture, 2009 copyright D. Torrente



Homo Bravo, installation Dominique TorrenteThe chosen items put in question the world of Lace. They are closely related to finely worked textiles, pricked cards, objects, tools...of the collection of the museum. The choice, the installation, challenge the problem of the body in motion, the time to do it, broach the notions of vanity and loss. Other items speak of writing, of language : writing, body movement, complexity of a woven net like a page full of signs that “speak” differently.


Dominique Torrente




Homo Bravo, installation  D. Torrente, 2008, detail, copyright Crispin.