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The antique-lace designs workshop

Lacemakers in worshopWhere do I start this lace ?
How do the threads go through this leafwork ?
Some designs from the set seem impossible but you would like to work them nevertheless in the best possible way ....
Catherine Guilhermet, who redesigns the old models from the Retournac manufacture, proposes to help you work the designs from the sets in the museum.
ll you have to do now is choose which design to work on !

Three times a year, workshops of a week's duration are organized. You can choose to come and make lace for a whole day or else half a day. The hours are from 08:30 to 12:00 and 13:30 to 17:00 hours. You can borrow material if you need to (after previous agreement).

The number of places is limited so as to work in the best of conditions.

Lace in progressDates of the workshop 2012 :
Spring : April 16th to 20th
Summer : July 2nd to 6th
Automn : September 3rd to 6th

Terms of enrolment :
sull-day week : 150 euros
half-day week : 85 euros

The enrolment includes the joining of the "Friends of the Museum Society" : membership only 15 euros, benefacter from 40 euros.


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