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Dominique Torrente 2009 | Textile contemporary artists 2008

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Fanny Viollet : September 13th - December 14th 2008

Her artistic embroideries made on diverse background, and most recently on salvaged material, are very varied and contribute to give her an international reputation.

> Download the french press file (PDF 2 Mo)
> View the opening of the exhibition, November 2008






(Photo : The summer dress of Gabrielle)






Françoise Micoud : June 13th - August 30th 2008

Birds’ nests, insects and many other bobbin-lace creations live side by side in the poetic universe of this artist.



> View the update of June 2008
>Download the french press file (PDF 1,26 Mo)

(Photo by Françoise Calmon : In a monotonous circle)






Christine Peyret : February 16th - June 8th 2008

This Artist uses graphically computer-enhanced pictures to create her embroideries .

> View the update of March 2008
> Download the french press file (PDF 1,08 Mo)

(Photo : Last news of happiness)



The initial private viewing of the exhibition was the a good occasion  for the artist to present her work, in the presence of Catherine Henri Martin, vice-president of the Regional Council of Auvergne, in charge of cultural affairs , Guy Vaucanson, General Councillor of Aurec, Pierre Astor, Mayor and General Councillor of Retournac  and several town councillors