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- Novembre 2008 -

Vernissages International two-yearly design exhibition website




This year is a little special for the Saint-Etienne's international two-yearly design exhibition which takes place between November 15th and 30th 2008 since it is celebrating its 10th anniversary. It is also special, as far as Retournac is concerned, since the museum takes part in this international event, by becoming a sort of extension of its exhibitions.In fact, in partnership with the International Exhibition, buses will run free of charge for the public, on Sunday November 16th, 23rd and 30th to come and visit our exhibition “The Outlines of Emptiness” Lace and Interlace in Design. It will start from the site of the exhibition at 14:00 hours and should arrive in Retournac around 15:00 hours. Visitors, who will be charged a reduced entrance fee, will be able to follow a guided tour of the museum and visit the temporary exhibition. The return journey is set to leave at 17:15 to arrive back in Saint-Etienne around 18:15.


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