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Colloque gros point de venise

The Museum's Friends Association with the help of the Lace Manufactures' museum state partners publish several leaflets presenting the exhibitions and the events.


Les contours du vide - Dentelles et entrelacs dans le Design
(2008, 24 x 24 cm, 96 pages, francais et anglais, 25 € + frais d'envoi)

Catalogue for the "The Outlines of Emptiness : lace and interlace in design" exhibition, on the Museum from 9 July-30 November 2008. Very beautifull bi-lingual book there will be at least two pages per item of the exhibition. Coloured pictures, taken by Philippe Hervouet. Pierre Tillet, design historian, puts his name to an in-depth article called “Vaporous Design”.

"Qu'est-ce que la dentelle ? Des fils qui se croisent pour cerner la lumière ou l'ombre, selon qu'une pièce est placée à contre-jour ou pas. Privée de ses fils, une dentelle peut devenir de papier, de résine, d'acier ou de bois. Elle fait la synthèse entre des vides et des pleins, entre la lumière et l'ombre ; elle capture les opposés et les lie structurellement."

View the update of January 2009

Contes du Velay (Tales from the Velay region), tales which have been gathered by Victor Smith from 1869 to1876. Comments from Marie-Louise Tenèze.
(2005, 20 x 20 cm, 243 pages, french, 23 € + postage)

Couvertures des contesA series of marvellous, facetious, anecdotal or animal tales issued from Retournac, Chamalières-sur-Loire, Vorey and their surrounds ; which will in turn ask us questions, make us dream, educate us, amuse us, make us understand the men and the deep natural heritage which we hold within us. These popular tales were gathered by Victor Smith (1826-1882) who was one of the great collectors of popular poetry in France in the middle of the 19th century.

His manuscripts, kept in the "Catholic Institute Library" in Paris, were studied and annoted by Marie-Louise Tenèze, in charge of research in the CNRS. Her precious work brings to light the interest of such a collection, one of the last of the period which was last to be left unpublished, for the knoledge and the valorization of heritage that constitute popular tales.


Colloque Dentelles 2001
(2004, 20 x 20 cm, 227 pages, french, 25 € + postage)

The conference, which took place in 2001 at the initiative of the "Promotion of Lace in Haute-Loire Society" and which was handled by the Lace Manufactures' Museum of Retournac gathered diverse researchers and curators from Europe around a lace theme.
This work contains the thoughts and synthesis of unpublished works in several sectors like preservation, museum set-up, history, new ways.




La dentelle, des manufactures aux musées
(2001, 20 x 20 cm, 192 pages, french, 19 € + postage)

This work on the exhibitions from the Lace Manufactures Museum in Retournac "Itinéraires d'entrelacs" and "150 ans de dentelle au Musée Crozatier" in le Puy-en-Velay.
The catalogue starts with a historical approach of lace in Haute-Loire.




Collection "Regards sur une vie" (Inside look on a life)

Couverture du livre Marthe AlibertN°1 : Marthe ALIBERT, dentellière et apponceuse
(1998, 20 x 20 cm, 108 pages, french, 13,72 € + postage)

Marthe Alibert worked as a lacemaker in her youth, then as a lace machinist within the lace manufacture.





Couverture du livre Rose OuilhonN°2 : Rose OUILHON, leveuse de dentelles
(2000, 20 x 20 cm, 144 pages, french, 19,05 € + postage)

Rose Ouilhon worked first as a farmer and then as one of the last lace collector of bobbin lace in Haute-Loire.





Couverture de Paroles DiscrètesLe petit journal de l'exposition "Paroles Discrètes"

It is a catalogue presenting the lace manufactures' museum, its collection, and gives a brief insight of the lace history in Haute-Loire as well as the objects which are present and their notices.