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- January 2009 -

The outlines of emptiness : the catalogue

the catalogue coverIn view of the opening of the two-yearly international design exhibition in St Etienne, on November 15th 2008, the museum in Retournac presents the catalogue for the exhibition “The Outlines of Emptiness : lace and interlace in design".

Bi-lingual book of 96 pages, 24cm square, and centre stage there will be at least two pages per item of the exhibition. Coloured pictures, taken by Philippe Hervouet. Pierre Tillet, design historian, puts his name to an in-depth article called “Vaporous  Design”.

Amongst all of these designs, you will find side by side, items that are reminiscent of the traditional lace technique, like the chair from Veronique Maire et Patrick de Glo de Besses, the seat of which was designed and made by Nathalie Hubert from Bobbin-lace Teaching Centre in Le Puy-en-Velay, but also some items which use lace techniques in a less conventional way, with unusual material like lace pannels made with steel thread by “Armel Barraud”.


On sale in the Lace Manufactures’ Museum
Price: €25 (postage not included)

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Exhibition presentation
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Catalogue Les contours du vide

catalogue Les contours du vide

catalogue contours du vide

Artists :

  • Barraud
  • Boontje
  • Campbell
  • Chabaud
  • Chataing
  • De Glo de Besses
  • Di Marco
  • Ex'primae
  • Grcic
  • Guillemin
  • Hederström
  • Kabel
  • Lane
  • Leth
  • Lévêque
  • Maire
  • Mathigot
  • Moriarty
  • Starck
  • Straatsma
  • Trubridge
  • Urquiola
  • Védrine
  • Verhoeven
  • Wanders


Bobbin lace in metal thread, by Armel Barraud