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Symposium and conferences

Symposium "The Perfect tradesman" (Le Parfait Négociant)
Economical, cultural and scientific stakes on rare trades
Novembre 29th 2002,
Organized by the APAMAC (Association for the Promotion of craftmanship in the Massif-Central) and the Lace Manufactures' Museum.

Parfait NégociantInitiated during the First Days of Artistic Craftmanship (November 29th to December 1st 2002) and centered around the itinerary exhibition "The Perfect tradesman" this conference is a privileged meeting between heritage preofessionals, economic sector, craftmanship and local development professionals.

Should the Massif Central be thought to be wedge in to the "Deep France" ? Taking a closer look it would appear to be more of a land of exchanges and specialized know-how brought to a level of excellency. Since the most ancient time, commercial highways, pelgrimage routes, criss-cross this region in all directions. Know-how, fashion, raw material, goods are to be found along these routes which then become the means of cultural exchanges.

How does one bring to light, study, come to see and comprehend such a heritage ? How does one make the best of this heritage on the touristic, economic level or in terms of local development ? How to undertake, innovate, with these rare ancestral craftmanships ? Finally how does one improve on the reputation of quality of the Massif Central by bringing forward the excellency of the know-how and its international fame which shows a land of exchanges and overtures ?



The actual day, attended by a hundred participants from diverse origins, was rich in discovery, with numerous lecturers presenting specific traditional particularities from the craftmanship in the Massif Central.

The Massif Central, a land of excellent craftmanship open to the world : the museums and their heritage as a witness
The first part of the day dealt with the finest know-how, like the sigillared pottery exported through the roman Empire, the ribbons from Saint-Etienne open to the international fashion world and the selk factory of Jujurieux, heritage to discover.

How to contribute to the positive image of the Massif Central as a land of excellency, welcoming and open to the world
After lunch, the afternoon session was centered on how to valorize the heritage from the Massif Central, with the spread worlwide of the antique lace designs from Retournac through the Internet, the cutlery in Thiers, window and resource center for that region's industry, the bringing forward of the know-how concerning the hat industry in Chazelles sur Lyon by teaching and finally business venture today with the exemple of a thread mill in Haute-Loire.