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Symposium and conferences

On the Saturday of September 18th 2005, a hundred people listened to the conference given by Mrs Anne de Grunne, art historian, on the work of Henri Guérin, who already made several stained-glass windows for the church in Retournac, in 1966 (the north lower side) then in 1983 (center window). This year 2005 happens to be important since for the third time, the "de Grunne" family, by their exemplary patronage gave a new window for the northern transept : "Homage to the lacemakers".

Anne de Grunne

A second stained-glass window was ordered by the Council with the financial help of the General Council of the Haute-Loire, the Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs of Auvergne and the patronage of the "Gaz de France" Foundation. It has been placed in the southern transept and is called "The snow" and constitute a homage toSaint Jean-François Régis, who died on December 30th 1640.

After the conference, the showing of a film made by Jean-Pierre Farcy followed, which showed the making of one of the Retournac windows, step by step, in the artist's workshop in June 2005. Two fascinating hours on the work with light and colour which will, no doubt, bring a lot of visitors to the roman church of Retournac.

Lace stained-glass windows

"Homage to the lacemakers"
Henri Guérin, may 2005.
Windows offered by the de Grunne family.