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Winter 2006-2007
> Symposium Venetian Gros Point

Some exceptional acquisitions

Since the start of the project in 2000, the Museum has been looking for antique lace and objects which have been looking for antique lace and objects which have a relation to its collection.

The general auctions are scrupulously studied to try and find the interesting piece of lace that will enrich the collection. Also specialized auctions which spread their catalogues thus allowing the follow-up of the market.

Internet has become an interesting media for the museum, not only to follow the sales, but also to help find the rare items in antique bookshops in France and abroad.


In 2006, the council of Retournac has been able to acquire some exceptional items with the help of the FRAM (Fondation which is financed by the governement, the regional council) and the general council of the aera Haute-Loire (1st area to have given its approval for the acquisitions) :




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