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Ouvrage rare pour dentelles précieuses

Front pageTitle pageIt is indeed a very rare book that the Lace Manufactures’ Museum has just acquired; missing from the Collective Catalogue of France and from the National Library of France . It is the second great collection of antique lace still present in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century: the one belonging to Helen Vieweg-Brockhaus.
In 1929, her daughter publishes this work, listing all items from this great collection, which had been examined by the most important german-spoken specialist in the field at the time, Marie Schuette.




Inside pageHélène Vieweg-Brockhaus (1835-1909) as well as her husband Rudolf Vieweg-,  both came from a family of publishers. They both shared a passion for the Arts.
Hélène Vieweg-Brockhaus took a particular interest in lace, in which she invested part of her fortune in exceptional items. In the 1880’s, she travelled in southern Germany , Austria and Italy where she purchased some important pieces.





Inside pageShe managed to gather lace pieces from the 16th to the 19th century, of good quality and perfectly preserved, also some items of great size. The exceptional character of the Vieweg collection lies also in the variety of different styles and types of lace.
This big book (44x36cm), in german, shows a hundred plates of lace, the titles of which are translated into english. Each one is bound in thumb-index fashion, allowing for the manipulation of the plates without damaging the binding. An extreme care was brought to the making of the book with a silk paper covering at the back of each plate protecting the reproduction. The most beautiful binding with an embossed title in gold, adds to the interest of the book which was only published in 300 numbered copies.


His book can be seen at the documentation centre of the museum, 33(0)4-71-59-41-63


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