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Nuit des Musées 2009

Tournage d'un fuseauThe afternoon of Mai 16th ran quietly, to the rhythm of the lathe of the “Copeaux Auvergnats” which were demonstrating their wood-turning ability to the public of the museum. Dominique Torrente filled the visitors with enthusiasm on a guided tour of her exhibition “The beggarwoman’s lace and Guipure”.






une assemblée attentive pour découvrir les dernières acquisitions du muséeEverybody is waiting for nightfall to join in the exceptional do for the “Night of the Museums”. At first quite silent, the museum fills up with the murmur of the visitors. By 20:30 hours, it is still daylight and Bruno Ythier starts the presentation of the new acquisitions by the museum for the last two years, as the same time as the arrival of the lace-makers from Craponne-sur-Arzon, wearing their traditional costumes. Everyone is captivated when discovering the riches that are coming to join the collection.

Quick, let us hurry, night has come and the Night Gathering must start ...



Les dentellières réalisent leur dentelle dans la pénombreGathered round the «chèvres» (small round tables) on which they set their night-light- bottle full of water and an oil lamp, around thirty lace-makers from Retournac and the district, take position as well as they can, to align their pillow with the light beam. One can't see faces any longer, only fingers and pins are slightly lit.






Dominique Torrente explique sa démarche artistiqueIn the meantime, Dominique Torrente starts a guided tour of her exhibition «The beggarwomen's Lace and the Guipure» with in particular the presentation, lit by a projector, of the part called «Homo Bravo» where the world of lace and spanish flamenco meet.






At Midnight, back comes the lighting. The visitors hurry, 10% more than in 2008. It is time to pack, to have a bite  to thank the lace-makers for their taking part and to make a date for next year's night gathering 2010, with already some new project in the offing :
- The presence of a stand for the Lace Teaching Centre of Le Puy-en-Velay
- An invitation for the wood-turners to come and make bobbins during the evening (but with lighting for them !)
And more, to made sure that the night-gathering becomes a must during the «Night of the Museums».

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