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Colloque gros point de venise

Venetian Gros Point detailOriginally planned for 2009, this symposium will take place in the spring of 2010. In fact, the research being done by diverse partners and scientific guest-speakers, works out to be very sharp and needs lengthy investigations.

At the moment, around twenty museums, researchers, collectors throughout the world are working on antique items from the 17th century as well as their copies from the 19th. In the autumn 2009, the scientific team of the museum will get together to check the advance of the research.


So, do look out for the news update, to find out the exact dates, which will be noted as soon as they are known.


More information on the content of the symposium


A new item, of great importance, from a private collection has been studied. You can have access to this file by clicking here (soon in english). To see the technical analysis of the fifth part of the item, click here.



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